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XmodGames App

XModGames APK- Are you someone who’s interested in playing games online rather than installing them on your laptop? Often, the offline games are time-consuming and also difficult to play games because of the graphics involved, storage space. These games usually affect your computer unless until you have an excellent configuration. In case if you’re tired of all that, are you interested in playing online games without any restrictions from the developers and servers? Xmod Games is one of such applications that allows you to play online games on the smart devices be it Android phones or iOS devices and that too, without any limitations. The app works extremely well without any hindrance, and you can play multiples games you love on your own.XmodGames App

XmodGames App

However, with so many similar apps as choices in the market why is that it is recommended to play games using Xmod Games app if you ask? The app has been acting as a platform for multiple games to be played online for a while and the database contains hundreds and hundreds of games. Especially, if you are someone who is using a device with limited storage space, RAM; it is beneficial to use Xmod Games to play the games online without actually installing them. Also, usually when you download the games on your device, you might also encounter certain restricts which might not allow you to progress in the game according to the rules set by the game developer. As a remedy to the above solutions, Xmod Games has been developed and guess what? It doesn’t cost a dime from you and is entirely free!

What is Xmodgames?

A free gaming assistant in the form of an application which offers different accelerators and mods for the mobile games through which you can play the games by breaking all the barriers set by the developers. For example, when you are playing Clash Royale, you will have certain restrictions that you have to clear levels to score XP points. Xmod Games; on the other hand, helps you gain unlimited XP points, gems, coins, lives and what not; all those that are required to play the game the way you want. This way, you can experience a truckload of fun that too, without taking a penny out.

Features of Xmodgames App:

  1. The game is compatible with many devices including the ones that are being launched recently.
  2. It enhances your interactions on different social media platforms;, especially in gaming communities.
  3. It contains an inbuilt HD recording and screen capture options enabling you to keep a check on the status of your games.
  4. An active forum is available to discuss your issues about different games and share your experience as well.
  5. It has got different game mods which allow you fight the opponents with ease.
  6. It has got bug-free updates and constant fixes to support the regular modes, and it is the handiest tool to play many mainstream games.

Why should you use XmodGames?

Xmod Games is maintained by a team which explains the regular release of plugins, mods, and various accelerators, especially for high-end games. Therefore, the developers are aiming to provide support to all the mods so that the gamers can experience the best. But before that, why should we use Xmod Games irrespective of the side perks it offers? These days, many websites and apps claim to provide unlimited items/coins/lives and other resources without charging you a dime, and this is done by hacking the servers of the games. But, how true is this? It is not that easy to hack the servers of the games that too the ones with the highest security. Therefore, by accessing these websites and apps; you are just taking yourself into the trap set in the jungle with full of viruses and malware. This malware attacks the devices and ruin the devices and often affect their functionality as well. Is the Xmod Games, the same? No! Xmod Games offers you unlimited spells and troops in every mod and it is amazing to get hold of the resources without any catch.

Download Xmod Games APK for Android:

The Xmod Games APK is available to be downloaded for all the Android devices despite of having high end or relatively low-end configurations. All you need to have is a rooted device, the Xmod Games APK file and a bit of patience to play all those amusing games on your device, simply by sitting at the place you are. Before that make sure that you have a proper internet connection.

  1. To install the Xmod Games on the APK, initially, root the device using different rooting apps. Rooting is mandatory to give proper permissions required during the installation of the game without any hassles.
  2. After rooting the device, open the Google Play Store and sign in to it using the Google id linked. Search for “Xmod Games” and get the APK file of the Xmod Games to install it.
  3. The other way of doing it is by downloading the Xmod Games APK on the web browser and by transferring it to your device using an USB or Bluetooth.
  4. In case if you want to download it directly from the mobile browser, go to Settings>Security. Scroll down to “Unknown Sources” and check the box.
  5. Download the APK file from here and go to the notification bar. Click on the APK file and tap “Install” to install the app.

How to use Xmod Games App to play online Games?

  1. Once you’re done with the installation of Xmod Games App, launch it by clicking on the system tray menu to open it. While launching the game for the first time, provide root permission authorization.
  2. In the home page, you can witness all the supported games after clicking the ‘mod’ option.
  3. For example, if you have Clash Royale listed; you can see the file with an option saying, “Install Mod” located at the bottom of the game page. Tap “Install Mod” and now revert to the Xmod Games App. Click ‘Launch’ option only to see (X) icon towards the right of the screen.
  4. You can see all the game mods that are available to play and based on your likes; you can choose the specific mode you want and also attacks like unlimited troops, sandbox, etc. to break the limits of the game.
  5. After installing the mods, change the number of the items accordingly. The new Xmod Games is available on all the devices, and therefore, you can play many predominant games like Clash of Clans, Mine Craft, etc.

The best part of Xmod Games is that it is also available for iOS devices as much as it is available for the Android devices that too without spending a coin on that. However, the issue is that you have to jailbreak your iPhone to make it work on the device. Therefore, before installing the Xmod Games App latest version on your iOS device jailbreak the device using a tweak.

Download Xmod Games for iOS devices:

Xmod Games is a safe app, and it works with high-level sophistication. Therefore, even if you run it on your device you won’t face any issues like loss of gaming data, and there’s no risk in running the app on the device.

  1. Start with jailbreaking the iOS device before trying to install Xmod Games App on the iOS device. This can be done by installing any tweaks.
  2. If you have already jailbroken the device, you can install the app directly from the store.
  3. Another way of doing it is by downloading the file from the official site directly and install it.

In case if you are worried about rooting your device or jailbreaking your iPhone, there are other ways of installing the Xmod Games APK without any issues, and the guide of doing so is given in a detailed way, here. The Xmod Games iOS works the same as the Xmod Games APK.


On the whole, Xmod Games is the workable and lightest app that can be found with many mods and a huge database. It works without any distortions, and it doesn’t affect your device at all. Therefore, if you’re a gamer who’s interested in breaking the limitations and explore the game to the maximum level, it’s time you download Xmod Games App and start having a kickass day already.

If you have any doubts regarding the installation of the app or regarding the installation of game mods, approach us in the comment section so that we can get back to you within real time.

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